Popular Shows

Bfast Hirty's Breakfast Show Get up and go with Hirsty’s breakfast show, brought to you every weekday morning by Hirst between 6am – 10am. Expect lots of great music with a mixture of genres covering both new and old, guaranteed to brighten up your morning.

LethalInjection Dr. D's Lethal Injection Show Dr. D’s Lethal Injection show is broadcasted weekdays from 6-8pm and is one of the most popular shows on the station. Spontaneous, ranging from club classics to dirty underground hip-hop, you’re never sure what’s coming next with Dr. D.

Keef Keefus's Northern Pirate Radio Keefus bring to you his Northern Pirate Radio Show every Friday and Saturday from 10pm till 2am. Keefus is a Dj / producer and one of the oldest members on Noonster FM. He joined the team back in 2012 and is famous for his effortless mixes and his vast library of music.

flyingtheflag Best of British with Mr E Mr E presents the Best of British, a show dedicated to British Music with classics from the Beatles, Arctic Monkeys, The Smiths and many more…. From punk to glam rock Mr E provides the very Best of British.

Music Hits C-Dogg's Music Hits Musical Hits presented by the one and only C-Dogg explores the latest and greatest new music from across the dance floors. C-Dogg’s Musical Hits Show is on air daily throughout the week from 4pm till 6pm.

bigshow The "G" Spot with Big G Big G also known as the King of Cheese is the nutorious presenter of the G Spot Show. It includes up to date music as well as all-time classics from the past to present. The G Spot will take you back through memory lane as well as keeping you upbeat.

Late Show Husky's Late Show The Late Show presented by Husky is for all you late owls. Playing daily in the early hours between 2am – 4am consisting of a selection of melodic and minimalistic beats for your listening pleasure.

daisey Daisey Diaries with Anna Jackson The Daisey Diaries is brought to you and presented by Anna “Daisey” Jackson. It’s a show developed in 2016 that includes a mixture of Daisey’s best loved tunes from past and present that she hand-picks for your entertainment.

Warm Up Afternoon with Noonster Afternoon with Noonster airs weekdays from Noon till 2pm. Playing a mixture of upbeat classics with a twist to keep your lunchtimes fun and fresh....

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Dj's Timeline



Founded of Noonster FM, Janruary 2012.

Dr. D

Co-creater, joined March 2012.


Chief Jingle Maker, from March 2012.


Signed up in August 2015.


Breakfast host Hirsty joined August 2015.

Mr E

Mr E joined the team in September 2015.


Husky joined the team in October 2015.

Anna Jackson

Anna jumped on board October 2015.

Big G

Big G joinged us in November 2015.